My NYC Walking Tours – looking back with nostalgia

Vayable Profile shot scaledNow based back in my home town of London, UK, I was lucky enough to offer private small-group guided walking tours of Central Park in New York City through 2014. These were offered through:

  1. Groupon,  with a limited period 2 for the price of 1 offer on tours I was offering through Vayable. While the Groupon offer has expired you can still check out what was on offer here.  
  2. Vayable, a community marketplace that lets you to find, check availability of, and book tours, which are screened for authenticity and quality. You can check out my  Vayable profile.

In promoting my small-group walking tours I designed and printed business cards, images of which appear below for no reason other than nostalgia.Business card - front scanBusiness card - back scanLikewise here’s an image of the logo I used to promote my venture Happy Hummingbird Walks and had printed on T-shirts to identify myself to tour participants; I now proudly wear the T-shirts around London. Clicking on the logo takes you to a Facebook page, which I used to promote my NYC walks and will continue to use to promote my Blog, whichever form it takes in the future.

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11 thoughts on “My NYC Walking Tours – looking back with nostalgia”

  1. We had a wonderful time with Nev touring through Central Park. He is knowledgeable and talkative but doesn’t talk too much. He gave us time to soak in the surroundings. He was flexible with our two kids who we had with us. Very relaxed and enjoyable to talk with. Even though we went on the tour a few months ago, I still think about it and about some of the things he showed us and spoke about.

  2. Nev showed my husband and I all the beauty of Central Park and even though we got caught in a huge thunderstorm on our way out of the park it was an amazing trip. Not only does Nev know his way around the park like no other, we had great conversations along the trail.

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  4. What a great day! This was not my first visit to central park but it was most certainly the best. The fall colours are absolutely gorgeous and made for some fantastic photos. Nev has a wealth of knowledge on loads of subjects including park history, interesting building info, flora and fauna facts not to mention an awesome eye for some of the amazing birds that make the park their home. The pace of the tour was fast enough to be interesting but leisurely enough to be super relaxing. We had plenty of time to get snacks and watch some of the park performers. With the small group size there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions and have the tour tailored to your personal interests. Nev clearly loves the park and this definitely shone through on our tour. I would highly recommend Nev and this tour. I had a fantastic time and will be suggesting this for all my friends that visit NYC.

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  5. I’ve lived in New York for 5 years and been to Central Park many times, but none have been as enjoyable and informative as the walk with Nev. Nev is extremely knowledgeable and it was great to learn so many interesting things about the park and the buildings that surround it. He knew the answer to every question we asked! Our walk was in the afternoon and it was a nice leisurely walk that catered to our interests. He was very flexible about fitting us in and tailored the tour to the amount of time we had. I will be recommending this tour to all my NY visitors!

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  6. Myself and a group of friends did a Saturday afternoon tour with Nev in Central Park and had a great time. Not only was Nev informative and friendly but showed us a lot of places we would not have discovered on our own. He easily adapted to the things we were interested in and wanted to see and was happy to go at our pace. I would definitely recommended Nev as your Central Park tour guide!

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  7. Neville catered a tour for my parents and sister who were visiting New York from New Zealand. His communication was excellent and he was very flexible to their needs. They really enjoyed hearing an insiders guide to the Park and saw parts of it which they would have never seen otherwise. I would really recommend Neville’s tour as a great way to immerse yourself in a New York landmark.

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  8. This was a great walk. The route held surprise after suprise, special vistas (with photographic hints) and hidden treasures – who knew there were hummingbirds in Central Park! The pace was just right for a Saturday morning, and timed perfectly for the clock. Nev knows a lot about the Park, but even more about the wildlife and about the broader New York, and how the Park is integral to its personality and history. His passion really comes through, his research has clearly been excellent and he’s very patient in answering all my questions. Nev is such an habitue of the Park we even bumped into people he knew. I’d really recommend Nev and the Park walk, a special way to spend a few New York hours.

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  9. It was my first time to explore the southern part of Central Park and it was great having Nev to show us around. We had a group of different ages and backgrounds and his wide knowledge of history, architecture, wildlife – about both the Park and New York made for an interesting tour that everyone in the group enjoyed. Having a small group meant it could be tailored to our interests and Nev’s knowledge of the Park meant we got to see the best of the Fall colors. Nev had obviously thought about how to deliver a tour that really meet our group’s interests, which was a pleasant change from out-of-the-book larger tours. And NYC put on some fantastic weather – so our photos look amazing! A relaxed and personal tour, with a knowledgeable guide – a really enjoyable way to experience Central Park. Would recommend this tour for a more personal tour on Central Park – and would suit groups of different ages and interests as Nev will tailor it to what you want. SMcG New Zealand.

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  10. Central Park is truly a gorgeous part of New York City. It was great to walk through it with someone who so obviously felt passionate about its natural and cultural history, and who really wanted to make it enjoyable according to our own interests. Nev seems to have a vast knowledge of many aspects of the park – including its sculptures, birds, trees, buildings, great places for photo ops and odd facts relating to gangsters, murders and movies. But it was all delivered in a chatty, conversational way, and not some dry history lecture. He was also able to give us lots of ‘insider’ tips about other things we could do in New York, many that we had not found in our guide books. He was a great mix of Londoner and Kiwi, with a dry sense of humour, and VERY passionate about living in New York. We had a great time on this walk, and would recommend his tours to anyone – especially those who like to have a more personal experience while seeing the sights. We are already organising another walk with Nev to see some of the lesser known architectural sights around Manhattan. Well worth the money!

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