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An introduction


I’m Nev and this is my first foray into the world of blogging. I’m originally from the UK, married to a New Zealander, and living in New York, a city that we have fallen in love with.

I’ve decided to blog because I have a real passion for exploring the city, uncovering surprises, warts and all, and sharing my experiences  and knowledge with others. I’ve already extended this passion to offering guided Central Park walks through Vayable – check out the link:

I intend my posts to provide useful, interesting and entertaining information for New Yorkers and visitors looking for out of the way places; quirky, hidden histories;  lesser-known viewing points; and cheap options for getting the most from the city.

The ABOUT ME page provides, you’ve guessed it, a bit more  about me. I’m really looking forward to developing this blog and hope you stick with me as I develop its layout and my writing style.